The goal of the East Coasters Junior Team is to expose kids to the joy of mountain biking and the thrill of competition under the watchful eye of our dedicated volunteer coaches. We strive to create a solid foundation of skills and fitness for all of our riders, and to instill a love of cycling that will last a lifetime.

Why We Think Mountain Biking Is Awesome

Mountain biking is different from other sports in a number of very important ways. Kids who play soccer, football or other traditional team sports typically never play again once they graduate from high school, and the majority drop out of organized athletics well before then. Cycling can provide a lifetime of active enjoyment and the opportunity to compete at almost any age. Unlike other team sports, everyone gets to play, and no one ever sits on the bench.

Mountain biking is also a great family activity. Many of our team parents are avid cyclists who participate in our weekly practice rides and summer camps. When your child plays soccer, your only job is to drive the car, do the laundry and write the checks. In mountain biking, parents can be active participants, practicing and even racing alongside their kids.

Finally, we believe youth sports should be fun instead of becoming a chore for the entire family. Unlike other sports, there are no rigid practice and game requirements. We only practice once a week, and kids are free to determine when or if they race. This opens up valuable family time for other activities and takes some of the stress out of daily life.